The upcoming concerts

We are pleased to announce our first festival week in Hafenpreppach and Tambach Castle together with the association ‘Musik und Kunst in Hafenpreppach’.

From July 7 to 16, various international young artists will set new accents for music and culture in our region with a diverse and exciting program. The individual events will be complemented by a culinary festival in the Hafenpreppach castle garden, which will open our festival week on July 7.

The young Korean pianist Sae Yoon Chon is the focus of the concert series. After a first encounter with him in 2019 at the Verbier Festival, he is currently continuing his successful path in New York. We are pleased that he will be accompanied in three concerts by the young ladies Irena Josifoska (cello) and Mathilde Milwidsky (violin), who have also been very successful internationally.

The musical program of the week will be framed by the artist Smita Kinkale from Mumbai in India. The focus of her work is the creation of sculptures from scrap material. During her on-site visit, there will be an opportunity to look over her shoulder at this exciting task.

The end of the festival week is the now traditional Jazz brunch, to which we again welcome the Jazz Colors from Bamberg on Sunday, July 16, in the castle park Hafenpreppach.

Ticket orders for the concerts as well as the Jazz Brunch and registration for the culinary feast:

By phone: 0173 6060302


1st Festival Week of Music and Art in Hafenpreppach and Tambach Castle from 7 – 16 July 2023

Friday, July 7, 2023, 6:00 pm

Culinary feast in the castle garden Hafenpreppach
Here is our culinary menu

Saturday, July 8, 2023, 7:00 pm Schloss Tambach Church
Piano recital (I) Sae Yoon Chon

Piano recital (I) Sae Yoon Chon
Works by Claude Debussy and Robert Schumann
(Admission: 50,–€; reduced: 35,–€)

Sunday, July 9, 2023, 4:00 p.m. Schloss Tambach Church

Piano recital (II) Sae Yoon Chon
Works by Johannes Brahms and Sergeij Prokoviev
(Admission: 50,–€; reduced: 35,–€)

From 11 July 2023 - until mid-August

Artist in Residence’ Smita Kinkale
with a diverse program, which will be published promptly.
In any case, there will be an opportunity to see the artist up close at
of her work and to be able to look over her shoulder.
Also, schools and associations of the region, which are interested in the visual arts will show,
Find ways to closely follow the creation and design of their works live.

(More information on logistics will follow shortly at this point).

Thursday, July 13, 2023, 7:00 pm Tambach Castle Church

Mathilde Milwidsky (violin) Sae Yoon Chon (piano)
Violin sonatas by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart,
Claude Debussy, Franz Schubert and Maurice Ravel
(Admission: 50,–€; reduced: 35,–€)

Friday, July 14, 2023, 7:00 pm Tambach Castle Church

Irena Josifoska (cello) Sae Yoon Chon (piano)
Cello sonatas by Ludwig van Beethoven, Sergeij Rachmaninov, Frederic Chopin
and Astor Piazzolla
(Admission: 50,–€; reduced: 35,–€)

Saturday, July 15, 2023, 7:00 pm Tambach Castle Church

Mathilde Milwidsky, Irena Josifoska, Sae Yoon Chon
Trio sonatas by Maurice Ravel and Johannes Brahms
(Admission: 50,–€; reduced: 35,–€)

Sunday, July 16, 2023, 11:00 a.m., Hafenpreppach Castle Garden

Jazz Brunch with the Jazz Colors from Bamberg
(admission 20,–€; registration not required)

The Tilia Quartet of the Staatskapelle Berlin performed at the invitation of the HIMS Academy on January 14, 2023 at the TAO Art Gallery on the occasion of the Mumbai Gallery Week. Works by Schubert, Mendelssohn and Mozart were performed in front of an enthusiastic audience and a full house.

The Tilia Quartet on 14 January 2023 in Mumbai

With an attractive program of well-known and popular string quartets by the classics Franz Schubert, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, the Tilia Quartet from Berlin will give its first guest performance in Mumbai on January 14, 2023. 

Tilia Quartet Berlin

The Tilia Quartet takes its name from its “ancestral home”, the Staatsoper Unter den Linden (tilia-Linde). Here, four musicians from the Staatskapelle Berlin joined together to form the string quartet: 

Eva Römisch, born near Stuttgart, came to Berlin to study violin with Uwe-Martin Haiberg and Ulf Wallin. Even before her concert exam, she became a member of the Staatskapelle in 2002. After attending the Special School of Music in Berlin and the State Conservatory of Music in Bolzano/Italy, violinist Andreas Jentzsch studied in his native city of Berlin with Joachim Scholz and Michael Mücke and was a prize-winner in the “Musica senza frontiere” competition (1995). He has been a member of the Staatskapelle since 2002. Wolfgang Hinzpeter, a native of Hamburg, studied viola in Hanover with Hatto Beyerle and joined the Staatskapelle in 1999 after his first engagement at the Rhine Opera (Duisburg Symphony Orchestra). He has also been a member of the Bayreuth Festival Orchestra since 1998. The Berlin cellist Rebekka Markowski is a student of Heinrich Schiff and studied in Vienna and Zagreb. She won numerous international competitions, was a scholarship holder of the Karajan Academy, among others, and has been deputy principal cellist of the orchestra of the Komische Oper Berlin since 2015.

In addition to regular appearances in the concert series of the Berlin Staatskapelle and the Berlin Philharmonie, the Tilia Quartet has given numerous highly acclaimed concerts in Germany and abroad and has been invited to international festivals. The Deutschlandfunk, for example, stated, “The Tilia Quartet astounds with Verdi’s string quartet…so much fullness and such great subtlety,” the Husumer Nachrichten praised “the excellent playing of the Tilia Quartet,” and the Neue Merker from Vienna stated “it is hardly possible to play in an even purer, fresher, more balanced way!” 

The previous concerts

Pentecost Sunday, June 5, 2022, 5:00 pm, Schlosskirche Tambach

The internationally acclaimed string quartet of the Staatskapelle Berlin performed works by Joseph Haydn, Leos Janacek and Franz Schubert in a festive concert. We are delighted that the musicians were herewith making up for the concert that was cancelled in March 2020 due to Corona.

String Quartet of the Staatskapelle Berlin – The four string section leaders of the Berlin Staatskapelle achieve a remarkable fusion of the great orchestral tradition and the intimate world of chamber music. Violinists Jiyoon Lee and Krzysztof Specjal, violist Yulia Deyneka, and cellist Claudius Popp first performed together as a quartet in 2017, presenting a series of concerts with the complete Schubert quartets in Berlin’s new Pierre Boulez Saal. The idea to form a permanent string quartet came the Staatskapelle’s musical director Daniel Barenboim.

(Website of the String Quartet)

Tilia Quartet of the Staatskapelle Berlin, September 25, 2021

Schlosskirche Tambach

“The Staatskapelle ensemble gave its second concert at this special venue. The programme included string quartets by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (KV 464 in A major) and Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (D major, op. 44.1). The invitation was issued on Saturday, 25 September 2021, at 6:00 pm, in the Tambach Castle Church. After the wonderful concert, visitors had the opportunity to experience the exhibition “Missing Landscapes” in the west wing of the castle, with the artists present.”

Wind quintet gives concerts in castle church, March 1, 2020

W.A.Mozart, Darius Milhaud, Alexander von Zemlinsky, Astor Piazzolla, Hanns Eisler

Excerpt from the article “Musikalischer Frühlingshauch” (Musical Breeze of Spring)

The wind ensemble of the Staatskapelle Berlin enchanted the audience in Tambach with exquisite works from Mozart to Piazolla.

Tambach – The concerts at the HIMS Academy Hafenpreppach build wonderfully on each other: Last summer there was Mozart and his time, in winter Beethoven’s and Schubert’s epoch, now in the beginning of spring we arrive at the 20s and 30s of the last century. And these selections were not chosen at random, as a connection to the Staatskapelle Berlin can always be established, even if – as in the case of Astor Piazolla, which closed the afternoon – only by the fact that the current chief conductor Daniel Barenboim has a lot to do with Brazil. Yes – and a bit of Mozart was also allowed, which is quite appropriate with the instrumentation of flute (Thomas Beyer), oboe (Gregor Witt), clarinet (Heiner Schindler), horn (Axel Grüner) and bassoon (Mathias Baier).

Tilia Quartet makes music at Tambach Castle, November 30, 2019

The HIMS Academy invites to the pre-Christmas concert on November 30 in the chapel of the castle. The musicians will play works by Felix-Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Ludwig von Beethoven.

Excerpt from the article “Denkgesang und Liebeskummer (Thinking song and heartbreak)

Tambach – The second concert of the HIMS Academy founded in summer 2019 at Hafenpreppach Castle could not take place open air in the cool late autumn. Since the conversion of the Orangery into a concert hall is just entering the final building permit phase, an adequate “replacement” was sought and found in the Tambach Castle Church, which Count zu Ortenburg had made possible. Under the motto “From the salon to the concert hall”, one returned to the castle, so to speak – in contrast to the 18th and 19th centuries, however, with an event for the general public that was not reserved for the nobility alone.

Kick-off with a top orchestra

With a concert by the wind octet of the Staatskapelle Berlin, the HIMS Academy in Hafenpreppach Castle makes its first public appearance as an organizer. The orangery of the baroque castle is to become a chamber music hall. The orangery of the baroque castle is to become a chamber music hall.

Excerpt from the article “Gassenmusik im Schlosshof” (Alley music in the castle courtyard)

“Classic makes happy” promises a new concert series that will make classical music lovers click their tongues. What is happening in this historic setting is unheard of: Hafenpreppach Castle, built around 300 years ago under Prince-Bishop Johann Philipp von Greiffenclau, is experiencing an unexpected renaissance. Last used for decades as a children’s home and then for private purposes, the castle is currently being given back its princely splendour under the two new owners (since 2016), in terms of building fabric, use and courtly culture.